Mandingueira_a female capoeirista who is skilled, experienced, intelligent, powerful, dangerous, and not to be underestimatedAbout the Blog

Mandingueira is a blog about women, capoeira, and women in capoeira. It will consist of a lot of posts to do with these things, and possibly a few that don’t. These include thought pieces, informative articles, anecdotes, satire, links and multimedia, and hopefully more than one or two things that no one has ever thought of before! One of Mandingueira‘s main goals is to raise lots of discussion, thoughts, ideas, and dialogue, so if something strikes you, please SPEAK UP! For more information, check out the blog’s very first post: Batizado – The Initiation of Mandingueira.

P.S.  Mandingueira is NOT named for its author (me)!!  If you want to know my rationale behind the name, please read “Mandinga and Mandingueira: What’s in a Name?“.

About the Author

Joaninha seeing where she and her macaco stand with each other.Joaninha started training capoeira in 2005–although back then, she called it “trying out this completely random thing she found to combat summer lethargy and unwittingly subjecting herself to constant comfort zone limit-smashing situations”. However, she has never looked back since, and owes it all to one slightly misleading community centre program course description. When not honing a back-breaking ginga or mourning the nth recovery and loss of her macaco, Joaninha single-handedly keeps Indigo Chapters in business (or so her parents think), and contemplates the interior decorating she’d like to have in her cardboard box while she pursues a career in writing and/or editing and/or publishing and/or journalism (she’s also a terrible decision-maker, and consequently is always looking for ways to do more).

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3 01 2008
Sister Tea

Hi Joaninha,

We really like your blog. If you’d like to practice your writing/editing/publishing/journalism skills, please consider writing for our blog! Or, better yet, send us a manuscript for publication! Let me know if you’d like a copy of our submissions guidelines.

Terri Saul (AKA Sister Tea), blog manager for Blue Snake Books

14 02 2008

Hmm… Quite interesting page, good looking too. Hope u continue with wisdom on the path u have chosen.

Muito Axé

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