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16 responses

15 05 2008

I just happened on your blog and found it very interesting. I worked on the Capoeira website and while doing research, found information on mestras to be scarce. A page on the website will be dedicated to mestras around the world, and two of them are a part of Capoeira Mandinga (Mestra Lagosta and Mestra Sorriso). More information can be found at

11 06 2008

Silly question… did you know there is a liiiiittle teeny-tiny 5×5 pixel smiley face on the bottom left-hand corner of this blog’s design? It’s so cute!

20 06 2008

Thanks so much, Carissa! I’ll try doing more research into those mestras so I can add them to my series. =)

Shayna: Hahahaha! I think I noticed it once, and then completely forgot about it. Thanks for pointing it out, and you’re definitely right about its cuteness…I love it!! Maybe the theme designer was just humouring him/herself? 😛

23 07 2008


Lots and lots of thanks for creating a space like this and being open to so many ideas and perspectives! Just recently a few women in our group have wondered if certain experiences we have are legitimate/reasonable and are something we can learn and grow from… and finding your blog with so many comments from others have made us all the more eager to get together to discuss some pretty heavy topics!! It’s empowering to know there are other capoeiristas with similar questions and the range of perspectives is way more wide then we could imagine on our own. Hooray for sparking discussion!!!

24 07 2008

Ola Canguru,

Thank you so much for your kind words! It means a lot to me that my blog actually helped you guys to do that…I think I’ve said from the start that encouraging critical thinking and discussion has always definitely one of my main goals here. =) Please feel free to join in on any of the discussions or debates you read here, and add a few perspectives of your own! 😉

15 12 2008

Hi there Joaninha,

Thank you for visiting our Blog. I really love your site and has added it as a link in ours. We have alot of female students in our university who backed out from Capoeira because they have the notion that Capoeira is NOT for ladies. well your site provides just the education needed for them haha. Your link in our Blog is “Capoeira for WOMEN! myths Busted!”

Keep writing!

24 12 2008

Hey Bambu,

No problem, and thank you so much! Hahahaha, now there’s a link that calls for attention XD Thanks again! =)

7 01 2009
Chris Smith (Centrado)

Joaninha (ladybug, nice. That’s my daughter’s nickname),

I agree with all your songs as mysoginistic with the exception of Dona Alice. While yes it is a song about a man telling a woman not to grab him (or perhaps a woman telling a woman not to grab her), I think the main point of the song is a clingy person, not specifically a woman. I suppose you could easily sing Don Maurice, nao me pege nao 🙂

There are a few others that have gotten my hackles up as well. If I can find them, I’ll flick them your way.



6 04 2009


sou sentinela(alex), sou capoeira do grupo muzenza, em curitiba-brasil.
a pouco tempo iniciei o blog sobre a história da capoeira, e não são muitos os blogs sobre capoeira, que apresentam qualidade, contudo, foi incrivél encontrar o seu, além de uma qualidade visual boa, o conteudo é muito bom, sem citar o fato de ser um blog sobre capoeira feminina, e pra completar não é brasileiro (pelo menos não parece, já que está em ingles).

estou realmente admirado e contente com este blog.
desejo muita sorte para você, e muito axé.

ps. espero que saiba ler português do brasil, ou pelo menos conheça algum bom tradutor. se quiser entrar em contato, ficarei muito satisfeito em dar noticias sobre a terra mãe de nossa nobre arte da mandinga, a capoeira.

3 06 2009

Ola Joaninha,
I`m a capoeirist woman from Spain ( and i’d like to say congratulations for you blog, really good!! It`s 8 years since I started doing capoeira, as you can imagine I’ve gone through so many experiences, good and bad moments, crisis, my capoeira training. For me it’s wonderful having found all this thoughts and emotions from a capoeirist woman, altogether in your site. I can’t identify more with you!!!

P.D. I guess you are in Canada??

7 08 2010

Hi Mandingueira,

I started a podcast about Capoeira and it would be great if you could add a link from your blog. CapoeiraPod is a podcast with live recordings from rodas, interviews with Capoeira Mestres, students and all things Capoeira. English and Portuguese: The feed is It is also available on iTunes. Please feel free to download, share and send feedback via this email or the website. Salve! Prima

5 09 2010

Oi Joaninha,

I love your blog – it has always been a place for me to come to and feel like a part of a gender-conscious capoeira community. I’ve always played in male-dominated groups in Brazil and the U.S. and I so appreciate you keeping this space open for the discussion of gender issues in capoeira. I am always sending links of your posts to my group in the hopes that everyone will read them and become more well-rounded, knowledgeable and conscious players of capoeira. Keep up the amazing work. You are a source of inspiration to me.


2 11 2010

Oi Joaninha!
Parabens pelo site! Amazing! All my admiration for your hard work.
I was hoping you could re-direct me onto info. about pregnancy + capoeira. I’m 2 months pregnant and have decided to stop movement classes as no-one seems to be sure about the risks, and doctors don’t really know what it involves.
And congrats again!


13 01 2011
Marcus Allen

I have been a fan of capoeira for many years but never made the time to play because of training in judo and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ). Many of the cultural discussions are very similar to the debates around judo, BJJ and MMA.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for compiling and sharing such informative and enlightening viewpoints!


13 01 2013

Hi Joaninha,
Thank you for your blog and really great references, such as academic work about capoeira. I am preparing a presentation on female characters in capoeira history and I would like to add some songs about Maria Doze Homens and Rosa Palmeirao. Do you know where I can find a recording of Lagoa do Abaete, which appears in your blog on and refers to Maria Doze Homens ?
Thanks a lot,
Girafa from Paris

1 05 2015

I wanted to share with you a video of a very special project that I did, It called-Electric Capoeira
capoeira fighters with led suits doing acrobatics at night,i have some stills photos as well.

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