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New to Mandingueira? Not to worry! Here on this page is a deluxe full-plate sampler of the best this blog has to offer. It’s a collection of posts that have generated the most discussion, posts that have received the most page views, and my personal favourites or things I think are important. I will also be updating this page as the blog grows, so don’t forget to check back from time to time to see if you’ve missed something good. Happy reading, and enjoy the ride!

Feminism’s Cool

Women in Capoeira Songs and the Roar on the Other Side of Silence
Women in Capoeira: No Traction without Representation!
Ie Viva Meu Mestra, Camara [Series]
The Feminine in Capoeira, Part 2 (Context)
Women, Men, and Brazilian Bikinis

“Sorry, I have to train!”

What Oscar Wilde Can Teach You About Capoeira
How to Get Better at Capoeira When You Can’t Do Capoeira
The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Capoeira Batizados

Floreios for Thought

***Feminism, Capoeira, Cultural Appropriation, & Black Self-Determination
Respect in Capoeira: How Much is Too Much?

Think Global, Play Local: Broadening Your Capoeira Horizons
Capoeira and Change on Blue Snake Books Blog [Series]
Q: What do capoeira and the Energizer Bunny have in common?

Tongue in Cheek

Top Ten Signs Your Capoeira Group is Like a Jealous Lover
Public Service Announcement: Are YOU Affected by Capoeira-Coloured Lenses?
Just for Fun: Capoeira Pick-up Lines

Read the Footnotes (Comment Threads Gone Wild!)

Challenge: In Six Words or Less, What Does Capoeira Mean to You?
Perspective in Capoeira: Falling Behind on the Journey
What’s Wrong with Women-Only Capoeira Events?
Drama and Babysitting and Pacifiers, Oh My: Children and Relationships in Capoeira


Capoeira Song Lyrics List (Songs About Women)
The Capoeira Addict’s Ultimate Guide to Capoeira Books


Videos: Capoeira Games with a Twist

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