Just for Fun: Capoeira Pick-up Lines

29 01 2008

(Warning: Use at your own risk.  Mandingueira does not condone the use of nor will be held responsible for any and all events that occur inside or outside the roda as a direct or indirect result of these lines.)

Are you a capoeirista?  Because you just turned my world upside-down.

You must have lots of mandinga, because I’ve fallen under your spell!

That’s too bad that you lost your pandeiro, but if you want you can bang me instead.

If I play you hard enough in the roda, will you go volta ao mundo with me?

Hi, are you an angoleiro/a?  That’s great, ’cause I’m regional—what say we get together and be contemporary?

I’m surprised you have an apelido, because to me you are indescribable!

You know, your abada would be cleaner if you didn’t wear it at all.

If I gave you rasteira would that sweep you off your feet?

Update: I think there may have been some confusion…I haven’t actually heard or read these anywhere.  I made them up, just for fun…in the spirit of “I’m a fermata—hold me” and “I wish I were your derivative…”, etc. …hence the disclaimer!  Sorry about that!



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29 01 2008

Oi Joaninha
Those guys with their pick-up lines don’t have anything to envy to our Bahia street minstrels and their own ones.

Like, “e aí gata, quer vir pra meu apartamento hoje de noite pra ter aulas de capoeira personalizadas?”

E ainda tem gringa que caí na conversa…

Fala serio!

29 01 2008

I like the last one ; )

29 01 2008

And sure, me being a boy… I just spend my time praying to all the orixas for better game so that I might not try to use those lines…

30 01 2008

Salve, Alvaro! You mean I don’t have anything to envy Bahia street minstrels, which makes sense (and I don’t know if I’d be particularly proud if I did). XD I have got to get myself into a Portuguese class one of these days…what did you say? From extrapolation and context, is it something along the lines of “Hey kitten, how would you like to spend the night at my place for a personal capoeira lesson?”

Haha Branca…thanks XD

Leão – I would think you have way more/better reasons to improve your game than that! 😛 But in case you didn’t notice, all of the lines are actually gender-neutral, so they can be used by anyone, on anyone. 🙂 😛

30 01 2008

Oi Joaninha

Sorry about that. I always mix the languages and forget to translate. So, basically the translation is that what you said. And even sounding very-extra-too lame, it’s commonly use it around here…

You know, that fake-Pelô*-capoeiristas

The shame is there exist some gringas that still fall in that lame pick-up lines 😛

By the way, I’m not brazilian. I’m from Chile, so, portuguese is not my primary language

Cya around

* Pelô: short for Pelourinho

30 01 2008

Those are awesome. I can’t pick a favorite.

30 01 2008
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31 01 2008

Alvaro—no way. Unless it’s just the Portuguese and they don’t actually understand the words? Either way, that *is* a shame. I don’t think any pick-up lines are good for anything more than a laugh!

Haha, thanks Faisca!

8 01 2010

Engracada!!! Can I repost these?

16 10 2010

It’s not capo, but it’s Portuguese…

Se você fosse um pirata, você teria o seu papagaio este ombro ou este ombro?

If you were a pirate, would you have your parrot on this shoulder or this shoulder?
(and that’s where you move your arm from one shoulder to the other and then are holding them :P)

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