Videos: Capoeira Games with a Twist

14 04 2008

By now, you’ve probably all seen countless games of capoeira regional and capoeira angola.  You’ve played benguela, and experienced awe watching iuna.  However, have you ever seen Amazonas in action?  Have you played to the toque of miudinho?  All of the following videos feature different variations of capoeira games, created at different times for different purposes, and they are truly interesting and fun to watch.  Enjoy!



Amazonas, appropriately enough, has capoeiristas moving in ways that imitate rainforest animals, as well as more domestic types. It was created by Mestre Camisa of ABADA Capoeira, and is played to Mestre Bimba’s toque of the same name.  It was my friend’s idea to write this post topic, but this video she sent me was the inspiration for actually doing so!  It’s one of my favourites, and one of the coolest capoeira videos I’ve ever seen.  It’s just so creative, and it’s amazing what people can do with their bodies.  (I know that applies to capoeira in general, but somehow it really hit me with this video.)


Jogo de Dinheiro

Jogo de dinheiro, or the “money game”, involves two capoeiristas playing each other with a bill or handkerchief full of coins or money placed in the centre of the roda. The goal of the game is to pick up the money with your mouth, as reminded by the song lyrics in Apanha Laranja: “harvest the orange not with your hands, but with your feet and mouth (‘beak’)”. One source mentioned this was how capoeiristas sometimes battled for their earnings after busking on the streets.  This video is from a Senzala group in Croatia, and just plain fun!  I love seeing how all the capoeiristas block each other from getting the money. 😛


Jogo de Dentro

Jogo de Dentro (“Inside Game”) is generally known as the close (or closed) game where capoeiristas play low, tight and as closely to each other as possible.  Unfortunately I couldn’t find any videos that for sure showed jogo de dentro being played, so instead here’s a video of Mestre Jogo de Dentro, moreover who is playing Mestre Moraes.  Plenty of sweet “gotcha” moments in this one!



Miudinho is a particular type of close, tight game of capoeira created by Mestre Suassuna. In his words:

“The game of miudinho is generating controversy because it is being misinterpreted. People are thinking it’s a new capoeira, and it’s nothing like that. I simply rescued an older capoeira, modernized the manner of playing it, changed the sequences… the name miudinho arose because I was observing that capoeiristas were playing very distant from each other and in our time we played very close; thus, I said to people, ‘I want the game more minute, closer, play very tiny.’ Then, I created a toque on the berimbau. Miudinho is not a new capoeira, it’s a different manner to display capoeira. Just like the games of Iuna and São Bento Grande exist, the game of miudinho exists.” 

The capoeira jogo in this video seems a little more acrobatic than I would’ve expected miudinho to look like, but it’s still really cool.  Another video’s description mentioned how a lot of movements in miudinho are supposed to be more circular than normal so as to fit within a tight space.


I hope you enjoyed finding out about and watching these samples of “creative capoeira”.  😀  If you know of any more capoeira game variations or find cool capoeira videos that do a little something different, please share it with us!



16 responses

14 04 2008

Good post Joaninha!
I had only vaguely heard of this Amazonas game. Nice to see it for once 😀

14 04 2008

Glad you liked it, Xixarro! Same, I was completely blown away by that one 😀

14 04 2008

Hey Joaninha,
this is a great post.
Really loved it. Man, Mestre Moraes and Mestre Jogo de Dentro are good! I love seeing capoeira constantly experimenting and evolving.
Good work, hope your well.

15 04 2008

Thanks a lot, Chan! Nice to hear from you again 😀

15 04 2008

That’s because amazonas was created VERY VERY recently (according to my instrutor and other people I’ve talked to), I don’t know the exact date though.

There’s Iuna too and I heard that there’s jogo de cerveza which is played after a roda at a bar or someone’s house.

15 04 2008


16 04 2008

Jogo de cerveja –> LOL!! :mrgreen:

16 04 2008

Hahaha Coxinha…ditto Xixarro, jogo de cerveza, now that would be interesting to see!

Heyyyy Mariposa! =) Como estas??

18 04 2008
Morna Gbc

Salve, are doing such a great job..I really loved this article..muito obrigada,amiga..Have a wondeful weekend..hugs.

19 04 2008

Salve, Morna!! Thank you, I’m glad you liked it! 😀 I hope you’re doing well too ^^”

19 04 2008

Does anyone here know if Miudinho is played choreographed? That was the experience that some people in my group had at an event they went to, but I’m not sure if this was just a way of teaching the game-like doing partner sequences-or the way it’s always played? Has anyone done that game?

30 04 2008

Hey Cenoura!

I’m sorry it took sooooo long to reply to this. Based on what Mestre Suassuna said though, I would say no. Also, I’ve never heard of any type of capoeira being choreographed before…one could almost say that then it wouldn’t be capoeira! Miudinho seems to be just a variation of aiming for a really tight, closed game, so my guess would be the event was just teaching the movements for it. (That’s just my guess though!)

29 12 2008

This post really opened my eyes to new aspects to the world of capoeira. I’m a little disheartened that most groups, atleast to the ones I’ve been to, don’t really practice them. I found the Amazonas video to be the most interesting, it kind of looks like a Regional-Angola game. Also, is there any difference between Jogo de Dentro and Miudinho if they are both close and tight games, wouldn’t they be about the same thing?

You know, now that I think of it, I feel like these games or styles or whatever they are called, are created by Regional players to be or play like Angola. They all have low movements, odd gingas, and Angolaish movements. Or maybe that’s me and my lack of seeing a lot of true angola.

1 01 2009

Hey pbatigne,

I’m glad to hear that, and hope you enjoyed seeing the videos. 🙂 Thanks for commenting, by the way! About jogo de dentro and miudinho, that’s exactly the same question I had, but unfortunately still haven’t come across any answers to it. It could be that jogo de dentro is more a style of playing that applies across several types of games, while miudinho itself is a specific game created by Mestre Suassuna (as in, perhaps miudinho is a game that goes under jogos de dentro)?? Just a wild guess on my part!

I think Amazonas is my favourite video up there; I’ve never seen it in real life before! The closest was when I was at a batizado in Lyon and while I was in the intermediate workshop, I heard afterwards that a mestre had made all the advanced capoeiristas act out animals, but without showing any examples first! =O However, if you ever get a chance, I’d definitely reccommend trying to strike up a jogo de dinheiro roda in your class, or asking your teacher to—it is SO much fun, even just to watch, let alone play.

That’s a really interesting way to look at it…I don’t know if they would or wouldn’t agree that it’s an outright attempt to “be more angola”, but I think there might definitely be something to the idea that this could be a way to reinfuse capoeira with the creativity and structure-disrupting aspects that may have been lost in the development of capoeira from angola to regional.

16 10 2010

Miudinho might seem choreographed b/c when you play it, you’re supposed to start with one of the Miudinho sequences and then when the sequence is over, you go into your game. Either the players decide which sequence they’re going to do or the mestre/whoever is leading the roda will tell them.
I also think it’s different than jogo de dentro. At least when I’ve played Jogo de Dentro or been at a Jogo de Dentro roda, it’s been more Angola and the roda gets smaller and smaller as the game continues. It even gets to a point where everyone extends their arms to give the capoeiristas a ceiling.
I haven’t been training for too long but this is what I’ve experienced and learned.

8 02 2012

A quick udptae to this post as per Åsa’s message on FB:“First time FICA Sweden manage to bring so many angoleros in the same time. Thank you everybody for making this happen! …… Participation also confirmed from Norway, Finland, Great Britain, France, Germany and Ukraina.The aim of this ecounter is to give possibilty for graduated females to teach capoeira in a bigger event. We want everybody to participate: men, women and children of all ages are wellcome.”

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