Documentary Trailer: Cigarra Capoeirista

8 12 2007

To follow up on her biography, this is an awesome video I found while looking for more information on Mestranda Marcia. It’s for a documentary about her and Abada Capoeira San Francisco, called Cigarra Capoeirista. My favourite parts are the maculele performance about half-way in (I love, love, love, love, love maculele), where they use real machetes (sweeeet), and the jogo with razors about two thirds in. Enjoy!

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4 responses

11 12 2007

Hey Joaninha,
I just found your blog. It looks really good. I like how you highlight the female side of capoeira.

Did you know you can embed youtube in wordpress?
It’s really easy, but not as you would expect.

This is the code (put it in one line)

Don’t use the embed code you can find on youtube, only the url.

Take care, axé

11 12 2007

Hey Xixarro! Thanks so much for dropping by, and for the comment. Really? I never knew that! I’ll definitely try it out the next time I want to share a video. Thanks again!

12 12 2007

Don’t forget to start the URl with http//

12 12 2007

I won’t, thank you =D

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