Doing Capoeira is like Falling in Love

20 12 2007

(a creative essay)

Diving into the art of capoeira

Doing capoeira is like falling in love.  It starts with a glance, a spark, or nothing obvious at all.  Some call it love at first sight; for others, it is pure serendipity.  At first, you are excited, unsure, nervous, walking in with both eyes wide open.  Then you learn to fall—and fall.

You tumble head over heels, you’re upside-down, beside yourself, and infatuated.  You want to spend every minute in this, every second, every unexpected waking moment.  You can’t stop thinking about it, dreaming about it.  This is the discovery stage; no contours, no leads, no boundaries are safe from your candid, lusting, insatiable curiosity.

You can hardly bear to doubt, it’s all so beautiful.  But in time, doubt you do.  For what happened to the things before?  Your friends, your family, your outside interests.  What outside interests?  Your school is your family, friend means anyone in a white uniform.  What about balance, and diversity?  What about dedication, and loyalty?  There’s more to life than the roda.  The roda is life.  And so, a crack in the flushed pink lens.  You grow distant, detached, and allow drift.

Yet still you think about it, dream about it, only not with the bright intensity of new experience, but with the smouldering acuteness of a thing once known.  Thus—inevitably—reconciliation, and renewal.  Green, unruly passion is tempered by autumn perspective.  You no longer fall, but dive.  And the depth is unlimited.



4 responses

1 01 2008
Sangue bom

I can relate.

I knew of mountains, but since i had never seen one, they were just mountains.

I once saw a mountain and was fascinated by its height and beauty. I couldn’t help but to learn everything about it.

Now that i’m pretty familiar with the mountain, it’s turning into just a mountain again.

Thank god i know i know nothing 😀

1 01 2008

That is such a great comparison, Sangue Bom. Although, even though it’s “just a mountain again”, does all that you learned about it not add to and deepen your appreciation of or even fascination by it? Thanks for commenting!

2 01 2008
Sangue bom

It does add as long as I can put that knowledge to use and still aim higher for the sake of the journey.

3 01 2008

Nicely put; I agree!

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