Video: Grupo Nzinga and Mestra Janja

3 01 2008

Following yesterday’s post, this is a great video from Grupo Nzinga, and for me it was a fascinating glimpse into the world of capoeira angola, which I’d never really fully realized before was so apart and different from the world of capoeira regional.  It was really interesting doing the research on Mestra Janja yesterday as well, and I definitely hope to learn more about capoeira angola as this goes on.  Make sure you don’t miss the footage of Mestra Janja conducting the Nzinga Berimbau Orchestra in the last part!

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3 responses

4 01 2008

Bonito Joaninha!

Although I am a truly Regional Capoeirista, I have always loved to watch the subtlety of Angola. It makes me feel like I have been dipped in the ancestral warm waters of Brazilian culture.

Thank you!

4 01 2008
Pirulito (D-cal)

nice post joaninha!

i’m sharing this with my buddies 😀

we’ve been all about feeling the music lately.. letting the music help improve our game by letting it move through our veins..

how appropriate.. some of the people in this video seem like they are so taken by the music that they are in a trance hehe

5 01 2008

I’m glad you like the video, guys 🙂 It was actually shown to me by the same person who suggested I look at angola mestras!

About letting the music help your game…I read an amazing article the other day on how this whole other dimension of the games and music in the roda opens up to you once you understand the song lyrics…definitely made me want to start learning Portuguese right away!

Ah, here it is: Enjoy!

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