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24 02 2008

Sorry for the hiatus, everyone!  I tried to semi-warn you with my batizado post, i.e. that I’d be away at the batizado all this weekend and so might not have internet access, if even time to post anything!  But the batizado was awesome (or is; there’s still the wrap-up party to go!), everyone was really nice and the workshops were great!  Shayna, I didn’t have time to respond to your comment yet but I was going to say your solution for mixed rodas was so simple I couldn’t believe it didn’t occur to me, and so brilliant I can’t believe no one’s done it!  BUT that’s what they did at this batizado!  Eight-person, mixed-level, free-for-all rodas, and they were so good: totally the best of both worlds.  You could move between rodas as well, for even more flexibility regarding who you wanted to play—including mestres/contra-mestres!  We also had a 1-hr professional pandeiros workshop, and I definitely won’t think about passing it over so easily anymore for the berimbau or atabaque! 

If any of you recognize what I’m talking about, by the way, and happen to read this before the boat party, look for me there! 




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26 02 2008

Good to hear you had a good time…wherever you were/are 🙂
I’m also happy to say that this sort of multiple roda format is becoming more and more common at encounters and batizados- we did it this way at our event.
Of course – there’s something a little heathen about the concept – and I much prefer the single roda at certain times as it’s hard to build up the heartbreaking axe possible in a small roda with two skilled players and 50 people focused on them.
But still – at big events the multi-roda thang is the way to go.

Coming to the Women’s event in RI or the FICA event? I’m so sad I can’t do both…allegiances and all that.

27 02 2008

Hey! Thanks Leopardo 😀 Hmm, I think I know what you mean about it seeming heathen, but I think that’d only be the case if everyone permanently switched to having those little rodas. I just want them to replace normal training/in-workshop rodas, when they’d otherwise be split by corda level, if it’s not just to practice a specific sequence. By no means do I want them to replace the big, event-wide rodas! You’re definitely right about the energy, etc.

Unfortunately, I can’t go to either of those—time, money, geography, etc., are all working against me! Do you mean allegiances in terms of what Shayna and Cenoura are talking about on the other post (group “loyalty”, etc.)?

27 02 2008

I was trying to say that the ritual element and focus of a single roda should only be replaced in my mind with a bunch of little rodas ( with people getting up and wandering around ) when the need is there…Does that make sense? I’m having a hard time putting it into words- I only meant that that format has its time and place.

The folks putting on the event in RI are members of our sister school ( not to mention much closer ) so… I have to be there.
Otherwise I’d go to the FICA event to see some new faces and catch up with Shayna.


28 02 2008

Okay, yeah that makes sense! Like the main rodas should never be replaced by little rodas, and they only work for in-class, “training rodas”.

Ahh I see. Hmm, I’ve heard the term “sister school” before but I haven’t encountered anything like that in my group! What does it mean, exactly? Are the mestres related, or friends, or did your schools just decide to partner up, or…?

Let me know how the event goes! I will have to live vicariously through all of you guys XD

28 02 2008

Our group is an association of schools – and Grupo Ondas ( founded by Contre Mestre Tigri ) is in that association. Mestre invited Tigri to join our group about 4 years ago. I’ll send vids, pictures and give you my thoughts when it’s over…

28 02 2008

Oh, I see. That’s really great that you guys have a network like that.

Cool, I’ll look forward to them!

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