Photoblog: Grilocapoeira Encontro de Inverno Amsterdam 2008

28 02 2008

Although I’d be more than happy to describe every moment of the event for you, I figured acting on “a picture is worth a thousand words” would not only be more effective, but much more appreciated by your eyes!  Enjoy (and hover for captions)!

Mestres Take the Day


Let’s Play!

Entering the roda
Mestres' games are way over our heads =P
Up close and personal with Contra-mestre Grilo!
Capoeiristas defying gravity in more ways than one

Playas in the Club

Roda at Dance Party #1
Roda at Dance Party #2
Bananeira (on a windy day?)


Mestres in chamada
Resistencia de angola?

The Beat Goes On

Contra-mestre Grilo on the berimbau
Live music by mestres, contra-mestres, and other guests!
Claudio Kron, professional Brazil percussionist and teacher of our pandeiro workshop



3 responses

28 02 2008

Some great action shots there

29 02 2008

Looks like you ahd the chance to play Angola as well. Did you like it?

(or do you play it in your regional club sometimes as well?)

2 03 2008

Thanks, Highlander!

Hey Xixarro…none of us actually played angola at this event, but yeah, I’ve done it on (rare) occasion during normal training, since my group is regional/contemporanaea. I find it really challenging, but it’s definitely rewarding when I feel I’ve gotten a game right!

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