Blog Meme: Eight Things You Didn’t Know About Me

4 03 2008

So thanks to Faisca, this blog has been hit with its first internet meme.  I suppose this is the part where I spill all my deepest, darkest, most shocking secrets…well, sorry, not gonna happen.  😛  

I’m going to, however, share eight non-capoeira-related things about myself, giving you a closer look into the semi-deranged mind you know and love as Joaninha. 😀

1. Nancy Drew was my childhood heroine.  My dream was to be exactly like her, right down to owning the blue Mustang convertible, up until the day I realized that regularly getting tied up in cellars and thrown into car trunks isn’t actually all that much fun… (Although, if I end up going into investigative journalism, there may still be a chance!)

2. I didn’t learn the public transit system in my city until first-year university; up till then I’d gone everywhere by car or on foot.

3. I am a master packer.  Give me any suitcase, bag, or valise, show me your pile of junk, and I will get it all in somehow.  Just ask my old roommate (or anyone who’s seen me travel)!

4. I don’t really use MSN anymore, and hate it for the way it propagates conversations like the following:

(15 minutes later)
“Hey, what’s up?”
(15 minutes later)
“not much”
(20 minutes later)
“oh, lol”
(20 minutes later)
“yeah, lol”
(30 minutes later)
<smiley face> lol

5. Including this blog, I’m currently working five volunteer jobs simultaneously, all to do with writing and/or communications.

6. I’m a complete sucker for nice stationery.  School supplies shopping makes me happy, and I have an ever-growing collection of blank (but very cool/trendy/cute/gorgeous) notebooks just because I can’t help myself…

7. Ispeakreallyfast.

8. I absolutely can’t stand walking down an entire set of stairs without looking down at them.  Even if I can count exactly how many steps there are to the bottom, I get more and more paralyzed the further down I go, until I actually have to come to a complete stop, and look down.  Weird, isn’t it?

Well, that’s it!  Seems like Faisca covered most people when he passed this on, so I guess the line stops here.  Hope you enjoyed the ride. 😉



4 responses

5 03 2008
Pirulito (D-cal)

Same for me on number two Joaninha hehehe

5 03 2008

hahahaha! Joaninha! Nice posting!!!
totally agree with MSN – I have removed all the people that have demonstrated insufficient interest to have a normal conversation; I don’t have time for “nothing said just time wasted” stuff

5 03 2008

I’ve deleted MSN as well 🙂

6 03 2008

Lol! Sweet, I don’t feel so bad now. 😛

Mariposa and Xixarro:
Yes, I find the value:time of all my communications with people has gone way up without it! (Although Facebook is borderline, sometimes. XD)

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