Videos: Forró Music and Dance

25 03 2008

Following up yesterday’s post, here are a few forró dance and music videos to go along with it!

This is a fun/offbeat music video of “Asa Branca”, Luiz Gonzaga’s most famous and successful hit.  It’s a rendition by Forró in the Dark featuring David Byrne, and is sung in English but keeps the original, familiar music and melody!

Another fun video showing a couple really dancing it up.  I’m not sure exactly what style of forró this falls under, but it’s fast and energetic.  It also very clearly blurs the line between sensual and sexual (note the non-existent skirt, innuendo, and gyrating), but you can’t say they don’t have skill. XD

Finally, a slightly more formal/”professional”/technical sample, demonstrating the baião style of forró:

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25 03 2008

Hi there,

Love this series! Any chance you’ll profile frevo at some point? I witnessed it at my first batizado and was mesmerized. I have a clip I can upload too if you need some more video of it!

26 03 2008

Although I danced forro at a Brazilian party in Toronto and we danced a little differently. I was very amused to learn the ginga move in forro – and it’s very nice!!!! 🙂
Awsome article, Joaninha!!!

26 03 2008

Joaninha, it would be really great to see an article on frevo. This is danced mostly in Pernambuco (I think) and is probably the most intense danca brasileira. After just 30 seconds of frevo you feel a heart attack coming on because it is so physically demanding. It is really fun to dance and amazing to watch, but I know nothing about its origins.

27 03 2008

Thanks, Mariposa! Haha yeah, from reading articles and watching different videos, I got the feeling there are an endless number of ways to do forro…hey, kind of like capoeira 😉 But what exactly do you mean by the ginga move in forro?

27 03 2008

Hey Cigana! I don’t actually know that much about frevo myself, beyond that it’s the “umbrella dance”. XD I actually promised another friend a while ago I’d do xaxado for them, but know that frevo is definitely on my list!

28 03 2008

Hi Seng Kang, thank you, and I’m so sorry your comment didn’t show up earlier and that I’m just responding now; somehow it was marked as spam and automatically withheld from the site! Although as you might’ve seen by now in my response to Cigana, I will definitely do frevo at some point in the future. 😀

1 02 2009

And do you know? I just learned the basic basic steps for forró last week! I knew I had seen some of the videos my friends and I saw on your site first, and then we finally found the song we were looking for… “Deixa Acontecer” by Grupo Revelacão. Good song, just thought I’d mention.

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