Comic: The Capoeira Journey

1 04 2008

(Click on image for full readability; you may need to click again on next page to zoom in!)

The Capoeira Journey



6 responses

2 04 2008

Joaninha!!! Cannot read the inscriptions!!!

2 04 2008

Hi Mariposa! Did you try clicking on the image? It should open a bigger version…then you have to click on that version to zoom in!

2 04 2008

I am about 2 dashes past the Start Here point…ok, maybe only one…

3 04 2008

Haha! Not a problem Annabelle, know that we all relate =) And you will probably start training in class one day, and suddenly realize you somehow passed the last road sign you saw without noticing!

3 04 2008


The “freak vingativa” made me giggle…happened to me last week, along with “freak kick in the mouf”. ^_^

4 04 2008

Haha, I’m glad you enjoyed it Mree ^^” Ouch…yeah my head’s been caught a few times, I’m embarassed to say =X

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