Photoblog: Capoeira Goodies

23 05 2008

I just found these photos of some cupcakes I made last year, and thought you guys would get a kick out of them. 😀 Enjoy!

(Obsessed?? Who, me???)

Capoeira cupcakes!

Berimbau and Brasil

Brazil flag and Axé

Capoeira na beira do mar!



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23 05 2008

These look amazing! I love it!! This is totally something I would do!

Actually it was my instructor’s birthday this week and 2 of us made a cake in the shape of an atabaque. (The cake was originally 2 round cakes, so it took some creative cutting and icing the pieces together!) We were going to attempt the berimbau, but didn’t have a board long enough to hold the entire cake.


23 05 2008

HAHA!!!! nice!

24 05 2008

Awsome design!!!!! Yummm!

24 05 2008

Hey Bemtevi! Haha, thanks ^^” That’s great! Lol, or you could’ve made 2 pandeiros 😛

Glad you like them, Pipoca and Mariposa! It was a lot of fun making them…though my friends did think I was crazy for quite some time after (oh who am I kidding, they probably still think so to this day)!

24 05 2008

Saludos de acá de Chile.
raça è axe.

25 05 2008
Pirulito (D-cal)

yum. now, i’m hungry :p

27 05 2008

Ola, Camila! Obrigada, e axé! =)

Hey Pirulito…hahah, for cupcakes or for capoeira? =P

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