Congratulations, America

4 11 2008

Obama makes history

I am SO HAPPY for you!!!!!!!


Yay Obama!  YEAH he did!!!

Yay Obama! YEAH he did!!! (Warms your heart, doesn't it? Click on photo for more...)

Update 2:

Reactions from around the world (Click)

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5 11 2008

Unfortunately for some groups the outcome was not so great. California, Arizona, Florida, and Arkansas have reminded us that there is still a lot of discrimination in the U.S. That said:


P.S. I really enjoy reading your blog.

5 11 2008

Not that it’s always just plain racism… An acquaintance of mine will be going mental if, and I’ll concisely sum-up, the country “goes communist.” I know more than a few people who are worried that terrorists will be pouring through the international borders that America has without any repercussions or threat of being sent back or turned away.

And that kind of thinking scares me.

But so does the level of commitment of anyone who is willing to kill others, or the self, in order to further their cause.

PS I’m looking to save enough money to buy a shack in the Baja Peninsula with no television, telephone, internet, nor newspaper. Regardless of whosoever might be running anything.

6 11 2008

Last night Contra Mestre Mariano was teaching with an Obama tee-shirt on. He was pretty happy about the election results.

6 11 2008

Thank you America for proving that it’s never too late to change.

6 11 2008

Hey Sharice, thank you so much! I did hear about California and the rest, though I didn’t know it was actually official until this morning. It’s unbelievable and horrible, and especially sadly ironic it happened on the same day as Obama’s victory.

7 11 2008

Welcome back, Leão =D I think Sharice was referring more to the anti-gay rights proposals that were passed (unbelievably) in California, Florida, Arkansas, and Arizona the same day of the election…indeed, with the same ballots that helped bring us President Obama (I think). Either way though, you’re right that there are lots of mentalities and ways of thinking out there that are downright frightening. You might have something there with that Baja plan…

7 11 2008

Robin: That is awesome. I noticed that the FICA website updated with a post about Obama, as well. It’s almost overwhelming, just how much his win means, across the board across the globe.

(p.s. I’m sorry I haven’t replied to your email, yet! I’ve been slightly more than tied up with school and related stuff, but I haven’t forgotten about it.)

7 11 2008

Soldado: Hear, hear!

12 11 2008

Certainly we all know our views on the prop 8 situation… But then I saw Olbermann’s special comment on youtube… And surely I think to myself that it has been a long time since I have been gripped and enthralled by what a television head is saying.

13 11 2008

Wow. What was Olbermann’s special comment? Could you pass on the link?

14 11 2008

Nevermind, Leão. I just watched it. You’re right. I wonder if that’s what all reporters were like before the days of Fox and co.?

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