Mandingueira’s 1-YEAR ANNIVERSARY

30 11 2008

Dear reader,

You are cordially invited to the celebration of the
first anniversary of Mandingueira blog

It will take place
at the locale of
on November 30, 2008
at the hour of—NOW!


Today is Mandingueira’s One-Year Anniversary.  What with all the well-wishes and facebook posts, I almost felt as if it were my actual birthday! Thank you guys so, so much. 😀

Actually, thank you for EVERYTHING!  This blog would never have kept going if it weren’t for your constant support, encouragement, helpfulness, contributions, and downright awesome participation, comments, and discussions. I think I’ve said this before, but I’ve always felt extremely lucky to have a set of readers like you guys, who add so much to the Mandingueira reading and writing experience.

So, what have we built up together over the past twelve months? As of today, Mandingueira is:

  • 57,400 page views
  • 144 posts (including 4 series)
  • 1 guest post on The Capoeira Blog
  • 4 guest posts on Blue Snake Books Blog
  • 16 oz. of goodwill, 1 quart of intelligence, 2 pints of heart, and a whole lot of wicked capoeiristas

In celebration of this blog and everyone on it and everything we’ve accomplished through it, I’ve been working on a secret project that was to be released today in honour of the occasion.  Soooo…I have some good news and bad news.

The good news: a 16-page retrospective magazine commemorating one year of Mandingueira!!!

The bad news: …that will be available later tonight if not tomorrow…or in several days. (UPDATE: Or…in three weeks.  I know you guys are going to hate me, and I’m really sorry!!  The thing is, I’ve STILL been working on this non-stop with a significant way to go (let’s just say formatting and I have some issues to work out in the roda) and it just hit me how much it was actually eating into my study time, which is slightly a concern as my final exams start this week and I have more exams and yet-to-be-started papers due next week!!  Please accept my apologies for the delay…and enjoy the cheerful thought that you’ll receive a great publication just in time to leisurely peruse over the holidays!)

I still have a few things to complete on it as I’ve been working feverishly to get it done since Friday, only some parts have taken WAAAYYY longer than I expected them to.  However, I can’t wait until you guys get to see it!!  It will contain a collection of select posts from the blog as well several pages of all-new content.

To make up for the actual publication not being available yet, here’s a sneak preview of the new articles in it 😀 :

  • 5 Lessons from Writing a Feminist Capoeira Blog
  • If You Only Learn One Thing (“Mandingueira’s Ultimate Post”)
  • Anatomy of a Capoeirista
  • “Open Love Letter to Commenters”

Aaaaaand…here’s the cover! As you can see, I’ve titled the retrospect Mais Uma Volta (the symbolic interpretation is up to you, this time!): Mais Uma Volta

So, I hope that that’s enough proof that this thing DOES exist and WILL come out very soon!  I stayed up all night last night trying to get it done—resulting in 2 hours of sleep and consequently catching a martelo to the head in today’s roda for my efforts. XD

Once again, thank you so much, and congratulations from Mandingueira on making it through a whole year—to all of us!

Muito axé e um abraço,



13 responses

30 11 2008

Huh… 23 hours of being online and no one posts anything??

That’s very exciting, Joaninha! I’m looking forward to it (plus wondering how to get it… signed… hehe!)

In other news, I made it to your country last weekend to enjoy my long holiday weekend and came back to Michigan to be welcomed by white-out conditions and eighteen feet* of snow.

* may not have actually been eighteen feet of snow.

1 12 2008

Hey Leao =D

The post hasn’t actually been online for 23 hours; it must just say that on your end due to time zone differences.

About the signature—thanks for the reminder!! I knew there something I was forgetting. I hope a scanned version will do. XD

Wow…I love snow, but maybe not 18 feet of it! Hope you enjoyed your visit 😀

1 12 2008

Hey Joaninha!

Congratulations!!! I think you’ve done a good job so farand I guess you’ll keep up the good work. I am looking forward to it!! 🙂



1 12 2008

Congrats!!!!!!! 🙂

1 12 2008

Parabéns Mandingueira!

Good idea to make a magazine of last year! 😀

1 12 2008

SQUEE! ^_^

I knew if I harrassed you enough on Facebook, I’d see something pretty. What a marvelous idea. Congratulations on one whole year.

Confession: I struggle with a lot of ugly background noise in my life, mostly depression and other mental illness issues, and even as much as I love capoeira, I’ve found reasons, way too often, to not participate because I’m too dark. Your blog has helped me keep the faith that I’m following a good path, even when I can’t participate physically. Thanks for your insight and strength, from one Mandingueira to another.

1 12 2008

I didn’t actually have a time of posting stamp… I just saw that it was posted on the 30th… In other news, I enjoyed getting 2.6cm of snow per hour for seven hours today.

2 12 2008

I dig the blog. keep up the good work
DON’T Fall off
maybe I might see you in the roda in ’09.

2 12 2008

Thanks, everyone 😀

Mree, that means a lot to me to read that. I’m really glad to hear it, and I hope eventually you’ll be able to participate physically as well as in spirit again!

Leao…challenge: make a snow capoeirista =P

3 12 2008

Hey Joaninha! I’m really excited for the magazine. I just wanted to say that as writer (or so my college degree says) and a Capoeirista, your blog is an inspirational resource for the Capoeira community. Congrats on a successful year of Capo bloggin!

7 12 2008

A snow capoeira?? I’m going to have to make some snow forms first…

Actually, I was thinking of a snow lion. That’d be neat.

24 12 2008

Thanks so much for that, Garca! I just have 1-2 pages left to go on the magazine, as after exams Christmas shopping and parties kind of got in the way… :S Oh cool, what kind of writing did you major in?

Leao, lol, don’t forget to take pictures 😀

15 01 2009

How do we get a copy of the magazine?… I’m from the Philippines… Hehehehe….

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