Photoblog: Capoeira Doodles

13 12 2008

“..instead of taking notes, you are drawing little figures doing aus and meia lua de compassos.”
-from “You Know You’re Capoeira-Crazy When…”




p.s. Please know I am fully aware of my artistic capabilities, or lack thereof.  There’s a reason I usually stick to writing! 😛



7 responses

15 12 2008

I’ve been doing the same thing since 8th grade. Definitely a good way to pass the time during class, haha.

15 12 2008

My Applied Mechanics notes were all full of Aú Malandros…

24 12 2008

Haha you’re awesome guys…nice to know it’s not just me! 😛

19 12 2008

Ezra Jennings suggests a Victorian Lit. class of some sort. If you wanted to combine Victorian fantasy with doodles I would recommend .

Opium, Gothic undercurrent, the proto-feminist “New woman” movement, the Yellow peril, fear of aerial bombardment, it’s all there.

24 12 2008

Haha! Nice observation/deduction skills, Robin =P It was exactly a Victorian lit class…Victorian novels, to be exact. Thanks for the recommendation! I’ve only seen the movie, but I’m sure the book is much, much better.

31 12 2008

Great stuff Jo! I haven’t yet drawn much as I don’t attend classes but I do write poetry. Sometimes I’ll write poetry about Capoeira and think of them as little “american ladainhas” if you will. I’m going to start learning Portuguese this year so I can translate them and actually use them in the roda! If I do take a class at a local school for Portuguese then you can bet your stars I’ll be doodling all the while!

31 12 2008

LOL really, Pipoca?? XD Thanks…in that case you’d be super-impressed with my friend’s stuff, who is an actual artist (in addition to just being a bored student, like me) 😛

Wow, that’s awesome! Have you done songwriting or poetry outside of capoeira before? Looking forward to your first recording 😉

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