New Links Page

23 10 2008

Just to let everyone know, I’ve cleaned up a bit and moved all my blogroll links to a page of their own, as the list was starting to seem a little anarchic to me!  It’s titled “Go Places” and you can find it right beside “Contact” on the navigation bar at the top. (Speaking of which, please contact me if you’d like swap or recommend a link, or if you have anything else to say, for that matter!) This also allowed me (finally) to organize the links themselves for better navigation. As it may have been a while since you last really looked at them, go ahead and check it out!  Be adventurous.  Go places.

p.s. This wasn’t my “next real post”!  That one’s coming out in two days. 🙂

p.p.s. I’ve only organized my existing links, but haven’t yet had the time to go through a bunch I’ve been meaning to add.  If you think you should be on there, feel free to send me a friendly reminder. =)

Sheepish Apology/Comeback #1001: Back-to-School (Er, Midterm) Edition

21 10 2008

Hey, guys.  Remember when there was this person (_______), who used to write this blog (________), about this Brazilian martial art (_________)?  If you were able to fill in all the missing blanks there, please give yourself a pat on the back, a gold star, and um abraço from me!

I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I know it must be getting very, very old by now, considering practically every post since late spring has been a “sorry for not posting” post, but I am very much hoping that THIS post will serve as indication that Mandingueira has indeed survived (albeit somewhat scathed) the busiest and most jam-packed summer [and first half-semester, oops] I’ve ever had—especially with the blog’s 1-year anniversary (!!!!!) coming up!  Thank you so, so much for waiting it out, for continuing to check in and comment, and for coming back again!

As for excuses, I’m guessing “my dog ate my computer” won’t cut it, so I can only plead work, training, volunteering, the firm maintenance of a non-capoeira social life ( 😛 ) and, as you may have guessed, the start of my new school year.  And since I’m back in Canada, this means I no longer have the luxury of homework-free courses, a 4-day weekend, and two random classes cancelled every week, à la France.  So, I’ve also been experimenting with this new thing my friend suggested, called “time-management”, aka “not doing everything last-minute”, aka “certified all-nighter prevention strategy” (edit: which turned out to be not-so-certified, but that’s beside the point).

Now that things have settled down a bit (hah! read: now that I have more work than ever to procrastinate)(okay, really, more like I miss writing and I miss talking with all of you), I’m hoping to get back into a steady posting routine before the end of this month.  As a compromise between a perfect world and my sanity, I’ll be aiming for a modest rate of one post per week instead of my former one post per day (which, looking back now, I have no freaking idea how I EVER kept up!!!).

The upshot of this is that not once have I not posted because of lack of topics or ideas, so I’m hoping we can look forward to an ideas-building-up-pressure-into-a-giant-explosion-of-mind-blowing-prose sort of phenomenon here.  Thanks again for your unending (saintly, really) patience and…yes, loyalty (*please remove all capoeira grupo-cult connotations of word at your own discretion*), and I look forward to hearing lots from you as we work up even deeper levels and wider ranges of discussion on this blog!

Um GRANDE abraço,

p.s. Just so you know I’m serious, I’ve already written up a real post to follow this one, so come back in a few days to check it out! 😀


6 06 2008

Dear readers,

Please accept my profuse apologies for my recent bout of being MIA! Right after my exams I kind of crashed in exhaustion/relief, and then had approximately 1 day before yet one more batizado, from which I think I’m still recovering 😉 .

As well, something I kind of failed to mention thus far is that I’ve actually been studying on exchange in France all this year…which explains all the travelling I’ve been able to do! And as I type right now, I’m waiting for my landlord to come up and examine my apartment (so I can get my deposit back, fingers crossed), and my suitcases are packed and waiting for me to lug them back to Canada…early tomorrow morning! The preparations for which, I hope, further explain my hiatus.

However, I haven’t stopped thinking about this blog and new topics and debates for it all this time, so as soon as I settle back into life and my new summer job back in Canada, Mandingueira will be up and running again at full force! Thank you so much for your patience and reader loyalty, and I will talk to you soon! I love you guys!


Say hello to!

9 05 2008

Psst…look up at your URL address bar! Notice anything different?

Thanks to a particularly informative post by Raul at, I’ve managed to give Mandingueira its very own domain name! No more “.wordpress” clutter (as much as I do love WordPress!). 😀

The best part? No re-linking is involved! Everything is automatically redirected. So for everyone out there who has linked, favourited, bookmarked, or subscribed to me in one way or another (to those who have, please know you have my profuse thanks 🙂 ; to those who haven’t, there’s no time like the present 😉 ), you can relax and—do nothing!

That is, do nothing but from now on tell your friends: “Hey, you’ve gotta check out this brilliant capoeira blog I read. Just go to!”

p.s. In case you missed it because of the close timing between them, there is another new post under this one!

RSS Awareness Day: Are You Subscribed?

1 05 2008

Today, in the blogosphere, is RSS Awareness Day. RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication”, and is a tool people use that gathers all of their favourite blogs and those blogs’ post updates in one place for you to read.

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If you look on this page’s sidebar, you’ll see an orange logo: wherever you see that, there is an RSS feed (constantly updated collection of that blog’s posts) for the blog available for subscription.

So today’s question is: Will you subscribe to Mandingueira?

If you enjoy my posts or find them interesting, please subscribe! You can subscribe using RSS by clicking on the orange logo above or the “Subscribe” button in the sidebar, or you can receive Mandingueira in your inbox by clicking on the “By email” button, also in the sidebar. Subscribing means you will be automatically updated on every new post, and if a certain Comments discussion catches your attention, you can subscribe to receive comment updates in specific posts, as well.

Now, what are you waiting for? Please click here to subscribe by RSS, or click here to subscribe by email, and thank you!

Growing Crystals (Capoeira and Real Change): New Post on Blue Snake Books Blog!

3 04 2008


“Vision without action is merely a dream,” as the saying goes.

In a way, this transformation of ideas into action parallels how many (though not all) capoeira students first learn to think about various concepts and ideas in capoeira, and then learn to apply them while playing in the roda.

Click here to continue reading

A post about capoeira and real change on Blue Snake Books Blog

P.S.  This is just a reminder to you guys that even if the Blue Snake posts aren’t on my blog, you can still comment on them!  I will still be the one who replies. 😀

What is the Role of a Capoeira Mestre? (2)

15 03 2008

Now that I’ve caught up with all your responses:

Nearly 4000 words’ worth of comments, and I’m still not sure we’re any closer to the answer.

However, no one can accuse us of not trying!  Wow.