Capoeira Song Lyrics List (Songs about Women)

28 03 2008

If you’re looking for¬†a “pro-women” capoeira song to sing in the roda (like maybe when the mestra and contra-mestra of your capoeira group are playing each other ūüôā ), or want to¬†know¬†about more¬†“women-unfriendly” capoeira songs, then you’re in the right place!¬† Below¬†are two lists¬†of both “pro” and “anti” women capoeira songs, with links to full lyrics and their translations.¬† I’m not naive (or arrogant?) enough to label the “anti” list “Capoeira Songs You Shouldn’t Sing” or something like that, but they are there purely for informational purposes and your own awareness.¬†¬†Think of and bookmark¬†this as a resource for the next time it’s your turn to lead the roda!

These lists will continually be updated as I discover¬†more songs that fit under either heading.¬† Please contact me if you would like to add a song to either list, or believe you see a song on the wrong list!¬† Also, if I didn’t find a song already translated into English, then it was put at the mercy of Google Translation and my own non-Portuguese-speaking judgement, so feel free to suggest corrections there, as well.¬†ūüôā

To find out more about¬†the representation of women in capoeira song lyrics, please read “Women in Capoeira Songs and the Roar on the Other Side of Silence“.

Update: You would be doing yourself a great disservice not to read Shayna’s suggestions and¬†wisdom regarding singing capoeira songs in the roda¬†(about women and in general)!¬† Check out her advice in the Comments thread, here and here.

Capoeira Songs about Women (positive)

Deixa Menina Jogar
Dona Maria do Camboatá
Dona Maria, Como Vai Você
Ginga Menina
Ingazeira o Ingá
Lagoa do Abaete
Sai, Sai Caterina
Santa Barbara de Relampué

Misogynistic Capoeira Song Lyrics

Retracted (4 September 2009)