Videos: Contra-Mestra Susy (Grupo Vadiacão, Capoeira Angola)

14 01 2008

There were too many to choose from!  I’ll put two up here, and they’re a little lengthy, but worth it. 

This first one is Contra-Mestra Susy playing several of her students, and you can just feel the fun she’s having playing them, through the video.  (And props to the kid for his macaco, hehe.)  There are also some really interesting parts where you can almost (almost) forgive those people who mistake capoeira for [purely] a dance. 😛  Contra-Mestra Susy is the one in all white.

This second one has Contra-Mestra Susy playing someone more her level, and again, they are obviously having fun (another difference that’s starting to come up more between angola and regional to me; angola games seem to have a lot more playfulness at…well, play…than the average regional game).  Watch for a really cool section near the end of the first half, where it looks like they’re playing at intense regional speed, but with clearly angola movements.

And for those who still haven’t had enough, here’s a link to more!


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4 responses

14 01 2008

I loooooooooooooooove Angola 😀

16 01 2008

It is pretty amazing to watch. I remember a batizado where we got to see Mestre Jogo de Dentro play, and there would be alternating moments of complete silence and also random, contagious laughter going through everyone. It was like nothing I’d experienced watching a roda before that!

17 01 2008

Thanks for the post, love the vids!! angola is always very interesting to watch, includes so much humor and malicia in it.

18 01 2008

Haha you’re welcome, as always. I agree!

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