6 Keys to Building Upper-Body Strength (And Other News)

16 01 2008

Hello, class!

Today, we’re going to take a little field trip over to The Capoeira Blog, where Faisca has kindly published a guest post of mine.  Faisca was really nice in helping me when I first started trying to get Mandingueira off the ground, and so I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you! 

Before going on to the guest post, I apologize in advance for any irregularities in posting this week!  I’m actually on vacation in North Africa right now, so it’s going to be a little bit tricky.  The topic for today’s post went through an interesting process.  Originally, I was going to publish the article on maculelê, first in the Capoeira é Dança series.  Then, thanks to Day 1 of my trip, in fact, I completely forgot about that and was going to write a one-off post titled “The Scariest Night of My Life and Why Things Like this Blog Need to Exist”.  (Don’t worry, nothing happened, but that fact itself was also a part of it, as you’ll see.)  Now that Faisca has published my guest post, I also plan to publish a sister post to it, looking at women’s strength and the perception of it (or its lack) from a more theoretical point of view.  I hope to keep posting throughout my trip, and will hit all of the things mentioned above, so please keep checking back for more!

Click here to read 6 Keys to Building Upper-Body Strength



4 responses

16 01 2008

Hope you’re having fun in Africa! That sounds awesome. While you’re there, try to figure out where capoeira came from =)

16 01 2008

Thanks! It’s definitely been an interesting experience thus far, and I’ve not been here even 8 hours yet. Haha, I think I’m in the wrong part of Africa for that, but I will keep an eye out. 😛

17 01 2008

I love your blog! And I hope you enjoy your trip and make it back safely! Was wondering if you heard about the all-women’s capoeira event taking place in Franca, Brasil? Would be worth telling your following, no?

– Jasmim

18 01 2008

Thanks, Jasmim! I hadn’t actually, thank you for telling me about it! You know what, I think I’m going to create a section on my blog just for events like that when I get back. 😀

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