The First and Last-Ever FOR Women Only Post on this Blog

8 02 2008

(Okay, I’ll give the guys part of it.  But highlight the rest to read.)

Top 5 Reasons I Hate the Colour of Translucent White Abadas

5. Every class serves as free advertising for a variety of underwear manufacturers.

4. You are one of aforementioned advertisers.

3. For one week of every month, you can’t concentrate on training while training.

2. Sometimes, aforementioned week arrives unexpectedly.

1. Sometimes, aforementioned arrival occurs as you change before class, therefore robbing you of much-anticipated training and forcing a hasty and ridiculous U-turn escape out of the academy before class starts or more people arrive and ask where (that is, why) you are going.

Can you say “PORRA!”?



7 responses

8 02 2008

Hey, better than aforementioned arrival happening DURING class… never happened to me, but I’ve heard stories!

This is why I love the fact that my group wears black pants 😀

9 02 2008

Funny though – the abadas we are wearing are not showing the colour.. even though I’ve seen guys wearing all sorts of colours underwear (in my previous group the guys were changing abadas to pants right in class.. weird custom). But the fact that the abadas havo low waist – that is when all the stuff come up! and sometimes not only underwear!…

9 02 2008

Too true! Augh, I’m jealous…do you know my abada and capoeira shirts are they ONLY pieces of white clothing in my entire wardrobe (and my standard is autumn, i.e., dark, colours)? The sacrifices we make for this art…! =P

Hahaha thanks for sharing…almost had a TMI (“too much information”) moment there but I think you stopped just at the right place. 😛 But omg yes, forget GAP, Abercrombie, whatever—capoeira leads the market when it comes to ultra-low-rise wear!

10 02 2008

So true about that time of the month! I hate to miss training, but there’s no question for about 3 days I’ve got to stay home. Our abadas are so thin I often admire lacy, flowery underwear, and can read “Brasil” on my mestre’s behind! Oh, and will someone tell the boys they must keep their cords tied tight…we had a couple of crack situations in class today!

10 02 2008

Hahaha, ditto what I said to Mariposa, Jasmim! I think the only solution is to work as hard as possible so you can quickly advance corda levels and thus train at the front of the class, with no one in front of you to see. XD

11 02 2008

Hahahaha!!! Joaninha… don’t forget that you may be the one exposing stuff as well!… jokes

But seriously – in Toronto I did not see people wearing thin white abadas. We all have them made of a stretchy thick fabric, which is not very translucent… Where do you guys buy abadas?

12 02 2008

Mariposa – lol, yeah, working your way to the front only works if you want to avoid seeing, not being seen! And how could I forget? That premise was the whole reason for this post existing in the first place! 😛

Hahahah uh-oh, Mariposa’s on the hunt for inferior abada fabric manufacturers! I don’t actually know where ours come from, though. XD

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