Videos: Puxada de Rede

7 02 2008

Between puxada de rede as ritual, as celebration, as prayer, as livelihood, and as folklore, you can imagine just how many ways there are to interpret and choreograph this dance/play.  The following are two videos that I think together fully represent all of what puxada de rede is.  Enjoy!

This first video was one of my favourites out of all the ones I saw, because it seemed to incorporate everything, all the elements of the story and of the tradition:

This second video is not of a performance, but—the real thing!  It’s a clip from Rex Schlinder’s documentary, Bahia Por Exemplo, and shows a group of fishermen doing puxada de rede as it was originally intended, hauling a gargantuan net of fish out of the sea and onto shore.

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8 02 2008

Nice videos, Joaninha!!!

17 11 2010
Andrea Silverman

Hi Joaninha!
I came across your blog while researching forró. It is about the best English-language blog about Brazil I have come across yet! So well-written and so thoroughly researched! Congratulations!

I lived in Belo Horizonte, MG for 15 years and my 20-year-old daughter still lives there. I had to return to the USA after a hellish business failure, but I may return to Brazil in a few years. Saudades demais! Although I did not move to Brazil until I was 39 years old, I learned Portuguese well enough to work as an academic translator. However, I made very little money, since translators are paid by word and I did a great deal of revision and research!!

Anyway, since I returned to the USA I have continued my study of Portuguese and Brazilian culture. My Facebook page serves as a platform for me to divulge the marvelous and rich Brazilian culture to my Facebook friends and visitors and also to do other nutsi-multi-culti stuff via my cool music/dance/language links.

I think I will post that video of “puxada da rede” from the Rex Schlinder documentary, which I had not even known about. I like to say that the reason I work so hard telling people about Brazil and the beeyoutiful Portuguese language, is that the Brazilians do not seem to work very hard at doing it themselves. Many of the brasileiros in the USA are only here until they make enough dólares to return to their beloved Brazil, though that is changing.

I have not yet discovered who you are, only noticed your name in the previous comment. But I assume you are an American Brazil Nut like me, probably much younger. (I just discovered that you first visited Brazil last year!) Joaninha, you, as well as your readers, are welcome to visit my Facebook page and even leave comments. My privacy settings are on WORLWIDE, so everyone is invited!

I may try my hand at translating “E Doce Morrer no Mar,” wish me luck! ☺

Um Abraço,
Andrea Silverman
(, but my name should be enough to find my FB page).

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