Capoeira é Dança: New Series!

10 01 2008

You hear the distant pounding of an atabaque, and your heart begins to beat in time. You approach further, and the strains of a single berimbau call to you. Finally, your ears pick up the frolicking jingle of an accompanying pandeiro. You squeeze past the crowds, excitement rising—but wait! What’s this? That’s no ginga! Where are all the acrobatics? And—did she just spin?

Capoeira é DançaYep. You, my friend, have just stumbled upon a fine showing of samba de roda, one of the many Brazilian or Afro-Brazilian dances associated with doing capoeira. Be prepared to stumble upon many more, as we go through afro, xaxado, coco de roda, and maracatu, just to name a few!

Where did they come from? What do they mean? How are they done? Who were the first to dance this dance, and why?

Welcome to Mandingueira‘s newest post series: Capoeira é Dança! You know all about capoeira’s background; now learn about the other half of the show. Look out for the first instalment coming soon, starting with my personal favourite:

“Pula menino, que eu sou Maculelê!”

Picture source:

Capoeira é Dança: Archives

Part 1: Maculelê
Part 2: Puxada de Rede
Part 3: Forró
Part 4: Xaxado


Puxada de Rede



7 responses

10 01 2008

I’m looking forward to reading this series!

10 01 2008
Sangue bom

Watch out Mandingueira is out of control! 😛

10 01 2008

Haha 😛

That’s great–I’m looking forward to writing it!

13 01 2008

Woooo!!! maculele XD haha you just hit me with a cupid’s arrow 😛

14 01 2008

Hahaha good, now go and spread the love! 😀

16 01 2008

Hi Joaninha!!!
Excellent blog! I’ve noticed Faisca mentioning your blog a few times on Capoeira Espaco so I went on it today and I am sooooooo thankful that I did! Great topics, great advices – I love it! I love it!!!
I should write about my experience with Capoeira – since it’s been a happy mixture of impulse, passion, fun and hard work!
Enjoy your trip in North Africa! I hope you like it! I’ve been in Malawi for a couple of weeks and Nairobi for a couple of hours and it was very impressive.
All the best to you and keep up the amaising job you’re doing with the blog and Capoeira!!!!!


16 01 2008

Hey, Mariposa!

Thank you so much; I’m glad you like my blog! That would be awesome if you started writing about capoeira, as well. It’s fun, and you learn a lot in the process. Wow, that sounds like a really interesting trip! I’ve definitely had a lot of major impressions so far, and I’m sure there’ll be more to come. Thanks again, and I hope you come back soon! And let me know if you do start writing! 😀

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