Capoeira Funnies: “Are You Sure You Don’t Want Any?”

5 02 2009

For today’s post, I’m linking to a piece that was written by one of Mandingueira’s readers, Mree, who was kind enough to share her work with me!  She asked me if I would mind passing it on to all of you, and I’m more than happy to do so. =)


At least, don’t if you work in a cubicle, surrounded by other cubicles, in a relatively quiet work environment.  I made that mistake earlier today upon opening the email (note: it was a slow day), and almost burst out into uncontrollable laughter partway through, which really wouldn’t have done anything for my reputation as a thus far non-crazy person.

Having said that, this was a really great read, and I think much of what Mree touches on in this one post would resonate with a lot of training capoeiristas (or at least, it did with me).


“Are you sure you don’t want any?”, by Mree (click here)



5 responses

6 02 2009

Ah, thank you for the link-up! I hope you all enjoy the story as much as I enjoyed writing it…and living it. 🙂

9 02 2009

So this weekend I witnessed the best/worst capoeira non-sequitur ever (very similar to the steak-incident). It was a video of a batizado in Recife, and a Red Bull girl waltzed right in to the middle of the roda and stood there in her short shorts and tight top trying to intercept the 2 capoeiristas and get them to take the drink! Right in the middle of the jogo! It was so bizarre. The players just ignored her (even though she kept trying to get closer) and kept the game going. After the jogo they did drink the Red Bull (which I think is a little weird and a little wrong given the circumstances – and just how gross Red Bull is anyway). How are these Red Bull girls so ubiquitous? It seems like they show up at the most random events all over the world!

9 02 2009

Cigana, if I’d been there, I might have “accidentally” kicked the Red Bull out of her hand. Or “unintentionally” swept her feet out from under her. 😀

12 02 2009

Pure awesomeness. That story was just what I needed before I go do some Capo!

11 06 2009

As an incentive the practice of capoeira and memory of african-Brazilian culture, the 3D short film Pernas Para Voar is a tribute to the legendary Besouro Cordão de Ouro. Awarded by Petrobras and the Brazilian Ministry of Culture in Edital Capoeira Viva.

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