Capoeira Funnies: “Are You Sure You Don’t Want Any?”

5 02 2009

For today’s post, I’m linking to a piece that was written by one of Mandingueira’s readers, Mree, who was kind enough to share her work with me!  She asked me if I would mind passing it on to all of you, and I’m more than happy to do so. =)


At least, don’t if you work in a cubicle, surrounded by other cubicles, in a relatively quiet work environment.  I made that mistake earlier today upon opening the email (note: it was a slow day), and almost burst out into uncontrollable laughter partway through, which really wouldn’t have done anything for my reputation as a thus far non-crazy person.

Having said that, this was a really great read, and I think much of what Mree touches on in this one post would resonate with a lot of training capoeiristas (or at least, it did with me).


“Are you sure you don’t want any?”, by Mree (click here)