Videos: Forró Music and Dance

25 03 2008

Following up yesterday’s post, here are a few forró dance and music videos to go along with it!

This is a fun/offbeat music video of “Asa Branca”, Luiz Gonzaga’s most famous and successful hit.  It’s a rendition by Forró in the Dark featuring David Byrne, and is sung in English but keeps the original, familiar music and melody!

Another fun video showing a couple really dancing it up.  I’m not sure exactly what style of forró this falls under, but it’s fast and energetic.  It also very clearly blurs the line between sensual and sexual (note the non-existent skirt, innuendo, and gyrating), but you can’t say they don’t have skill. XD

Finally, a slightly more formal/”professional”/technical sample, demonstrating the baião style of forró:

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Videos: Mestra Paulinha

29 02 2008

A while ago I wrote about Mestra Paulinha, co-founder and sociologist of Grupo Nzinga, but somehow left out videos of her playing.  The following angola videos feature her, and thank you to Steven for the links!

This is a really old video of Mestra Paulinha playing João Pequeno!  If you don’t want to wait through the introductory music, the actual playing starts at about 1:50.

This next video takes place in Costa Rica, with Mestra Paulinha playing capoeira in a roda with a FICA student.

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Photoblog: Grilocapoeira Encontro de Inverno Amsterdam 2008

28 02 2008

Although I’d be more than happy to describe every moment of the event for you, I figured acting on “a picture is worth a thousand words” would not only be more effective, but much more appreciated by your eyes!  Enjoy (and hover for captions)!

Mestres Take the Day


Let’s Play!

Entering the roda
Mestres' games are way over our heads =P
Up close and personal with Contra-mestre Grilo!
Capoeiristas defying gravity in more ways than one

Playas in the Club

Roda at Dance Party #1
Roda at Dance Party #2
Bananeira (on a windy day?)


Mestres in chamada
Resistencia de angola?

The Beat Goes On

Contra-mestre Grilo on the berimbau
Live music by mestres, contra-mestres, and other guests!
Claudio Kron, professional Brazil percussionist and teacher of our pandeiro workshop

Videos: Roda Feminina

15 02 2008

This was a post I saw on Chan’s Soul Capoeira Blog/Site a while ago, and I’ve been meaning to appropriate it every since!  I think I agree with his views when it comes to all-women rodas, etc., for fairly obvious reasons, but I also feel I need to do more thinking through of the matter, too.  However, I’ll save that for some time later down the road.  For now, witness some real mandingueiras in action!

Part 1

Part 2

Video: Mestra Jararaca

13 02 2008

Here is a short clip of Mestra Jararaca playing, in an old video from 1997.  Thanks again to Shayna for the link!

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Videos: Puxada de Rede

7 02 2008

Between puxada de rede as ritual, as celebration, as prayer, as livelihood, and as folklore, you can imagine just how many ways there are to interpret and choreograph this dance/play.  The following are two videos that I think together fully represent all of what puxada de rede is.  Enjoy!

This first video was one of my favourites out of all the ones I saw, because it seemed to incorporate everything, all the elements of the story and of the tradition:

This second video is not of a performance, but—the real thing!  It’s a clip from Rex Schlinder’s documentary, Bahia Por Exemplo, and shows a group of fishermen doing puxada de rede as it was originally intended, hauling a gargantuan net of fish out of the sea and onto shore.

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Videos: Maculelê

18 01 2008

Dear reader, please play the following clips of maculelê performances for your viewing pleasure!

With grimas: 

With facãos: 

Maculelê roda:

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